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Customize Silvia Lamp

Miss Silvia

Every designer has a muse and for Jonas (Founder and Head Designer), his wife is the perfect inspiration when he decided to name this creation after her. Famed for its versatility that offers more than 1000 over combinations in colours and textures for this mix-and-match lamp, MISS SILVIA is the ideal option for good quality customizable lamps that look great in just about any space! In its compact form, MISS SILVIA is designed to be used across various table areas, from mini bedside tables to large dining furniture. Lastly, the down-to-earth palette available for this season offers a modern twist to the minimal design, with the lemon yellow as the featured accent for this season!


Customize Silvia Lamp

* Ceiling Dome 100 x 45mm
* Fabric Cords ($10 per metre)
* Fabric Cords Length
* Accent Sleeves 50 x 30mm
* Ventilating Shade 200 x 185
SGD $0.00